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LogYard assembles and generates Weight Scaling Data on the behalf
of clients for monitoring and planning purposes. 

The custom interface allows clients to easily compare Weight Scaling
Sites, Locations, Ownership and supporting Timber Marks values.

Relational calculations of Grade, Species, Ratios, Fractions and
Off-grade values are based upon month end reconciliations and
associated sample data updates.

The LogYard Weight Scaling Data is condensed and independently
calculated and should not be considered accurate for billing purposes.

*LogYard data generation and storage capacity limits the number of
possible access accounts. Priority is given to active WoodX Clients
and Stratum Owners. 

Last Update was July 16th, 2020
June Reconciliation Numbers (your billing Ratios/ Off-Grds).
Default dataset, Jun_2020 Stratum Year 2021.
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